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Choosing Single Motherhood - Discussion and Musings
Choosing Single Motherhood - The Thinking Woman's Guide

Discussion and Musings

You've done and are doing a wonderful thing with your book and discussion board. I'm not certain what I'll do in my life, but it seems apparent from what I've seen thus far in exploring this option that we are in an historic moment for women -- a different kind of taking charge of their lives and of family-making, with a different sense of empowerment and community -- and you're playing a significant role in that development.
-- Karen, thinking about Choice Motherhood

Mikki's Musings gives periodic food for thought. As does my Choice Mom blog.

The Choice Mom Yahoo discussion group is a robust members-only network (400 strong at last count) where single women discuss what they're learning, and ask direct questions of each other.

Choosing Single Motherhood: 2008 version of book now available from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt!