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Choosing Single Motherhood - About Single Motherhood
Choosing Single Motherhood - The Thinking Woman's Guide

About Single Motherhood

Choice Moms: yahoo group
Mikki Morrissette

Particular emphasis on how the kids of Choice Moms are turning out, and how to address the questions and concerns of Choice Kids as they grow.

Single Mothers: website
Andrea Engber

Good online resource by the co-author of "The Complete Single Mother," who runs the National Organization of Single Mothers

Single Minded Women: click here for website
Single Minded Women

strong website for single women and moms

Preparing for pregnancy: download PDF
Top 10 steps to take now

This good compilation by Mari Gallion was written for single women who find themselves unexpectedly preparing for motherhood. But even if you've been planning for years to become pregnant, this list has some good tips to help you use your last few quiet months wisely. It includes a shopping list of bare essentials needed for baby.

SMC network: website
Jane Mattes

An online chat and message board community for members of the Single Mothers by Choice network, appealing to Thinkers, Tryers, Moms and more.

New research: website article
Choice Moms study

This U.K. study compared 22 Choice Moms who used donor insemination with 36 married DI mothers, all with a child aged less than one year. The team was investigating the well-being of mothers and children, as well as exploring why Choice Moms using DI had opted to go it alone and whether they might be vulnerable to other pressures such as social stigma and lack of social support.

Making Lemonade: website
Jodi Seidler

This website is run by a divorced mother who has made a career out of supporting the single parent lifestyle, with special emphasis on dating and dealing with teens.

Parents Without Partners: website

A resource for friendships, events and general support for the divorced, widowed or never married parent.

parenting tips: website link

Raising children of any age is not a simple task even with a two-parent family. This site has a variety of resources for single parents.

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