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Every year thousands of unmarried women debate whether to have a child. Choosing Single Motherhood gives them the tools to make and responsibly execute that decision.

Using meticulous research, expert commentary and the personal stories of many real-life Choice Moms, the book offers illuminating and thought-provoking examples of both the joys and struggles of Choice Motherhood.

Says Choice Mom Tiff: "I didn't get Mikki's book until just last week and it's incredible. It would have been nice to have before I made my decision but reading it now helps to validate many of my feelings. I would suggest not making any BIG decisions until you've had a chance to read through at least the first few chapters. It's an amazing resource and very empowering. Honestly, once you read Mikki's book, I think you'll feel better prepared to make the decision that's right for you."

The comprehensive 374-page book (including extensive resource section) covers topics for both Thinkers and Choice Moms. Information includes:

The concerns of real women who are making this decision: Can I afford to do this? Should I wait longer to see if life turns a new corner? How do single moms handle the stress?
What research says about the influence it can have to grow up with a single parent, and how to answer a child's questions about "daddy"
Pros and cons of using a known donor or an open-identity donor
The simmering debate about how children are affected by fatherless homes
How the children of pioneering Choice Mothers feel about the lifestyle

Andrea Engber, director of the National Organization for Single Mothers, said: "This book offers much more than guidance for women thinking about going it alone and those who have already made the decision. It provides a look into the lives of women who are raising the next generation of children who can honestly claim, 'My mom really wanted me!'"

Whether you are a Choice Mom, are contemplating single motherhood, or are simply curious about the faces behind the trend, this book offers an in-depth look at the experiences of women who have made this choice.

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