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Based on data from the National Center for Health Statistics, more than 92,000 unmarried American women over the age of 35 gave birth in 2004, which doesn't include thousands of single women who adopt each year. Allowing for women who live with a partner, the author's estimate is that more than 50,000 women make this decision each year.

That's A LOT of women who could use the advice of women who have gone before, which is what this discussion group is designed to do. Currently there are more than 100 women involved in the conversation, from at least six countries.

The Yahoo discussion group "ChoiceMoms" is a vehicle for experienced single mothers to offer live advice to each other about many of the questions covered in the book (i.e., answering the daddy question), as well as details we couldn't cover.

If this interests you, sign up now at this website:

Choosing Single Motherhood - www.choosingsinglemotherhood.com

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