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I came across an article you wrote for Huffington Post about choosing to be a "choice mom" and it made me cheer. I had been in one of those awful waffling moments of do I or don't I?, and how can I and how can I not? I read the great things you said about single moms -- their independence, creative problem solving, etc. and how they were great traits to pass on to children. Suddenly I just felt a lot more settled.
-- Martha

Single State of the Union: order the book
book essay

I am a contributing essayist to "Single State of the Union: Single Women Speak Out on Life, Love, and the Pursuit of Happiness," edited by Diane Mapes (Seal Press, February 2007).

Says the press material:
Are single women happy individualists? Neurotic man-hunters? Crazed cat ladies? Are they confused, or content? Bitter, or better off?

No one seems to know. The popular media gives us shoe shopaholics, ditzy desperados, wannabe brides forever making cow eyes at The Bachelor. But what do single women have to say about their own lives?

With sass, humor, and style, Single State of the Union paints a provocative, playful, and complex portrait of today's single woman.

Why Women Aren't Marrying: click here for website link
Why Women Aren't Marrying

My Huffington Post blog about why younger women in particular seem to be less interested in marriage

Singles Are Great Parents: website article
Huffington Post

My post on "Why Single Women Make Great Parents" was a response to a lot of recent commentary in the news about children who suffer from single parenting.

Salon: website article
Huff Post follow-up

Salon's Broadsheet included a column about my Huffington Post article on "Why Single Women Make Great Parents." The point of the column ended up asking readers to comment on my use of the term "Choice Mom," and led to some interesting feedback.

Myths about Choice Moms: website article
Huffington Post

In response to the Today Show segment, this post points out the strengths of Choice parenting that tend to get overlooked.

January 21, 2007

What Is Family?: website article
Huffington Post

In this blog I poke at how we define family, and why the biological married mother and father model is considered the only truly vital form for a child.

Parents Action: click here for article
Choice motherhood

Interviewed by Rachel Sarah (author of forthcoming "Single Parent Seeking") for a column in Parents Action newsletter. Quite extensive history of my background and book.

Aug. 31, 2006

Minnesota Women's Press: article link
Donor insemination industry

Story about how single women and lesbian couples have contributed to the changing landscape of the growing donor insemination industry.

Single Mothers organization:
book synopsis and Q&A

six-page section features the book and my summary of the Choice Mom community in the Spring 2006 newsletter of the National Organization for Single Mothers

Single Mothers by Choice:
national newsletter

Summer 2006 features a highly positive review of my book. In the past I've contributed to this newsletter with stories about being surprised to find myself getting married... about the typical issues of Thinkers... about the typical issues of Choice Moms.

The New York Times: website article
Singles and donor conception

Was interviewed by Amy Harmon for a story about single women who choose donor conception. She didn't quote me directly, but used some of my resources for this good overview of today's single women who choose donor conception.

Minnesota Parenting: download file (.pdf)
Going Solo

Was featured with a few others about the ways women are finding their way to Choice Motherhood.

Hot Moms Club: article link
May 2006

I wrote this article for the Hot Moms Club website and magazine about the Choice Mom trend -- who we are and are not.

Elle magazine:

Was interviewed by author Lia Macko for a feature about women who become a Choice Mom before getting married.

Search Mothers: click for article link
raising a well-balanced child

This book excerpt lists the game plan for raising a well-balanced child in a single-parent home.

French news magazine:
Singles and donor conception

Was interviewed by Emmanuel Saint-Martin for an article to run in the French-equivalent of Time magazine.

St. Paul Pioneer Press: website article  /  download story
unconventional community supports this single mom

Single Female Homeowner columnist talks about my story as Choice Mom and owner of a 7 bedroom house.

U.K. magazine

Interviewed for forthcoming article about women who choose single motherhood.

Newsweek: click here for website link

info about the "new" trend and its community acceptance level, based partly on information I offered to the writer

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