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If you are a Choice Mom (aka single mother by choice), or are thinking of proactively becoming a single mother, this is one of two websites for you. It launched as a vehicle for my book Choosing Single Motherhood: The Thinking Woman's Guide, but the website grew to much more than that within two years -- thanks to input and regular queries from single women worldwide. So the NEWLY LAUNCHED sister website at ChoiceMoms.org is now available for more interaction and Q&A. Currently it includes Choice Chat, the first podcast for this community, and excerpts from the Choice Mom Guide to Fertility, among much more.

You have an amazing and educational website! Thank you! (Tina)

My name is Mikki, and I am Choice Mom to two kids. As a NYC writer/editor for 18 years, I saw a need among Choice Moms that I could help to fill. So I relocated to my less expensive home state, spent a few years doing research, and started to develop a toolkit for Choice Moms. I've now talked with hundreds of Choice Moms and Choice Moms-in-the-making to learn more about what we need as a community.

THE GOAL: As mothers who love our children deeply and want what is best for them, how really do we do that, as they mature into questioning, independent, bright human beings (like mom), while we remain working women with one pair of hands, one paycheck, and not many other experienced Choice Moms around to offer insight and perspective? That's what you'll find at ChoiceMoms.org.

This site is now largely focused on the original book and information about the author (me).

The new ChoiceMoms.org offers more of a toolkit for women in any stage of the journey: Thinking, Trying, Waiting, Becoming, Being. It uses the input of experts (moms, child development specialists, and others) to give us answers. It also is in the process of creating a greater sense of community for the tens of thousands of women who make this choice each year.

On this site you'll find:

1. THE BOOK: Choosing Single Motherhood won third place in the 2005 ForeWord book awards for independent publishers in the Family-and-Relationships category. It has sold to women in more than 10 countries. Check out high praise from readers here. I self-published the book in 2005, but thanks to great word-of-mouth popularity, it interested no less than six traditional publishing houses who bid for the rights. Houghton-Mifflin -- aware of the growing market of women in this community -- bought the rights and re-released the book with new design and some revised/updated content on May 20, 2008. For more details on the book, click here.

2. THE DISCUSSION GROUP: If you already are a Choice Mom, or are thinking of making this choice, check out the Choice Mom discussion group.

3. NEWSLETTER: The monthly online Choice News is offered to women at ChoiceMoms.org.

4. BOOK RESOURCES:The Voices of Donor Conception book series has been launched about issues related to donor insemination. Check out details at VoicesOfDonorConception.com.

5. WORKSHOPS:The first-ever large-scale Choice Moms Expo (West Coast) was held in the San Francisco/Berkeley area in 2007. One hundred women came to listen to 14 experts on topics ranging from fertility FAQs to answering the daddy question. The 100-page Choice Moms Handbook that was offered to all participants is available for sale at ChoiceMoms.org. Future events are planned for New York City, D.C. and Chicago, with a return engagement expected for the Bay Area.

8. Available at ChoiceMoms.org

Podcasts about Choice Motherhood.
Q-and-A entries with experts
Blog entries from women in the thinking, trying, waiting, becoming and being stages of motherhood.
Choice Mom Guides about fertility and adoption, with forthcoming titles about dating/marriage, telling family and friends
A Cambridge-designed survey for anyone on the Choice Mom path

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